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Carding machineAt  Humminghills we offer an alpaca fleece carding service on our Platts Worsted Carding Machine (right), which gives an end product of aligned fibres in a lovely soft roving which is wonderful to spin and felt with.

Contact Sue or Dennis to discuss your carding needs on:
   Sue: 0439 685 969  Den: 0407458107

or email us on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please do read the information below first.

Costing for carding is based on inward fleece weight.

Prior to sending your fleece: PLEASE CONTACT US BY PHONE OR EMAIL

Prepared, skirted alpaca fleece may be posted or delivered to:

Humminghills Alpacas
408 Glen Legh Rd.
Glen Innes 2370

or at the Carding Workshop, open Frid, Sat, Sun, Mon, open 10am till 4pm

Artisans of the Glen Innes

119 Taylor St.

Glen Innes 2370

It is in your own interest to prepare your fleeces to be carded as costing for carding is based on inward fleece weight.
Industry standards recommend a carding loss of 5%-25% is to be expected, so good preparation achieves the lower % of loss.

Our cost for carding Huacaya is $50.00/kg plus GST. ( Minimum amount charge is for 1kilo ).

Extras -
Fleeces arriving unskirted (short cuts from shearing, guard hair, vegetable matter), we  charge $25 per fleece.  We are happy to do this for you as it's a dusty job that takes time and skill, but we don't accept fleeces contaminated with burs, thistles, or needle grass.

To prepare your fleeces, get the fleeces out of the bag from the shearer, and spread them out on a skirting table, ( a veranda or any flat surface will do). Remove the coarse guardy fibre from around the edges of the fleece first, (areas of the belly, brisket and groins are usually heavily guardy and this, left in, makes the end product prickly).

Now give the fleece a good shake, lifting and shaking and you'll find all the short cuts will start falling away from the good fleece and a lot of the dust too.

Next the fleece needs to be pulled apart even more, so by pulling through your other hand, small amounts at a time, tease it apart removing as much vegetable matter as you can, as you go.

This whole process takes up to an hour or more to prepare per fleece. When you're happy with what you've skirted rebag the prepared fleece and send off for carding.

At our discretion, very poorly presented fleeces with high contamination of burs and thistles, will be returned at your cost, if unable to be successfully carded.

Blending of colours:
Depending on how the fleece is fed into the feed tray you can achieve a  streaky roving of 2 to 3 colours, or an evenly blended roving, ie: black & white = grey. We will do blending for an extra $10.00/kg.

Fleeces can be washed  for you prior to carding for $15.00 per fleece. This service is particularly desirable for people who are sensitive to the dust in natural alpaca fleece.

Our fleeces from the farm are particularly clean as we are very lucky to have grass covered paddocks throughout the year, so we usually wash at the skein stage. 

As we have many different coloured Suri and Huacaya alpacas ourselves we  have for sale bags of carded fleece suitable for spinning:
$11 per 100g for super fine & ultra fine ( under 20 micron)
$10 per 100g for spinning, felting.

$8 per 100g for craft suitability

We have had our own super fine fleeces commercially spun and hand spun. For availability of colour and quanity please email or phone.

Postage through Australia Post is surprisingly inexpensive as fleece is large in size yet light in weight.

Best to pop your fleeces into a strong bag, or better still, a feed sack, tie securely, making sure all your return details, email, and requirements are inside before sending.

To fellow alpaca breeders in our region, we are more than happy to pick up fleece at participating shows or meetings.

You too can turn a kilo of raw fleece, worth very little, into carded fleece costing $55 inc. gst and sell it for $80 to $100 per kilo, once it's carded it's so much more usable and valuable.

Please feel free to call with any enquiries.

We look forward to assisting you with your carding needs.


Happy Spinning, Weaving and Felting!